Brigitte Christine

As a child, the seed of my artistic creativity germinated whilst sitting at the dining room table, drawing, and sketching ideas with my family. Trained as a tailor, my mother would, with the dexterity of her skilled hands, bring them into life. I spent, in wonder, the most exhilarating hours watching her work. Patiently attentive, I would absorb her every move, her advice and recommendations: I learnt the value of a work well made, to have the courage to try again, and that equal attention should be given to the reverse side of a piece. Being imbued with those early inspirations helped me to apply those values in my jewellery creation and embedded in me the love of making all kinds of objects through the art of transforming my individual designs ideas into physical reality.

My jewellery pieces evolve from an emotional connection with the world around us, their design inspired by the diversity of forms, from the very large to the microscopic shapes and textures found in nature.

Brigitte is Currently one of the emerging maker in residence at City Lit.

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Immune system, silver fretted brooch, polished and oxidised.  Leafy hart, silver loop earrings with moon stone. Our house, Lapis silver ring.

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Chain of safety, silver and curb chain ring.Lily flow. oxidised silver earrings with grey pearls.Ondina, oxidised earrings with white pearls. Bisous, Silver fretted cuff.

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Reptilian, silver earrings patterned and oxidised. Just for fun, horn rings, (dyed) with silver rivets. Lunaria, oxidised silver horn earrings.